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Aren't you curious to know what's in your food ? How much protein does eggs have ? Is the water you drink pure enough ? Does your milk give you what it is exactly written on the packet? Learn the A to Z of food technology at OdigosHUB and contribute towards the food technology in India. The country needs researchers like you. Let us help you.

Introduction to food analysis
Duration of Training : 5 days
Cost per person : 4500/- INR

techniques involved:

Analysis of:-

  • Moisture

  • Total ash

  • Sugar

  • carbohydrate

  • Protein

  • Fat

  • Energy

  • Crude fibre

  • Lecture on future aspect of food science

  • Lecture on precaution and safety

basics of food and oil analysis & water testing
Duration of training: 7 days
cost per person : 5300/- INR

techniques involved:

Training as per IS, FSSAI manual or AOAC methods

  1. oil/ghee testing

  2. nutritional value testing

  3. milk testing

  4. water testing


brief presentation on:

  • Brief introduction about Validation.

  • Introduction about the instruments used in analysis

  • Brief introduction about Method development

  • Hands on training to every individual.

  • Precautions and safety measures

advance training on food and oil analysis
Duration of training : 12 days
cost per person : 8500/- INR

techniques involved:

  • Training on Hygienic level of Food & Premises

  • Nutritional value testing

  • Quality check testing

  • Oil/Ghee Testing

  • Saffron testing

  • Milk testing

  • Honey testing

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