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Benefits of Starting an Internship Program with OdigosHUB -     At an internship, a student can learn what the roles and responsibilities of a particular career are from people working in that field. What kind of projects do they work on? What are the skill sets and knowledge they need to perform in the required job? We aim to provide the students something unique, something that'll help them build their career, something that'll escalate their interest in biotechnology. We aim to ameliorate students' skills and thought process.

OdigosHUB summer internship stats

Students appeared for the summer interview  - 149

number of students that got selected for internship -  110

number of students whose internship was funded by OdigosHUB = 10 which worth 75000

Departments- microbiology, Molecular biology, Instrumentation, Food analysis, Plant tissue culture, immunotechnology 



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