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Enter the miniature world of men's best friend, MICROBES. Team up with them and learn the best of them. Start from basics and escalate towards the pro researcher level at OdigosHUB. We bring you the best training from around the city with the best scientists to guide you.

DURATION of training: 5-7 DAYS
cost per person: 4500/-inr

Techniques involved:

  • Sterilization technique
  • Dilution technique

  • Media preparation

  • Environmental requirement

  • Autoclave

  • Working under laminar airflow

  • Streaking

  • Bacterial growth- isolation and plating techniques

  • Swab testing

  • Viable count

  • Enumeration testing (TPC, YM, and Coliform)

  • Antimicrobial activity by agar cup and disc method

  • Lecture on future aspects of microbiology

  • Lecture on hygiene maintenance, precaution and safety measures on working on microbiology laboratory

advance microbiology
The advanced program prepares you for taking up a job as Microbiologist in a wide variety of industries. The program gives you the required feel of working in a microbiology setup and carrying our work with responsibility. It also focuses on individual expertise and gives emphasis on documentation and reporting.
Duration of training : 15 days
Cost per person: 8500/-inr
Techniques involved:
  • Basic techniques of Module 1
  • All types of Staining
  • Serial dilution technique
  • Suitable individual experiment
  • Antibiotic susceptibility testing
  • Food Microbiology
  • Water Microbiology
  • Bacterial identification
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Different industry microbiology orientation.
  • Documentation and reporting.
  • Examination on above topics
  • Precaution and safety measures
This program is designed for industry professionals working in various sectors of microbiology and who want to gain in-depth knowledge about Pharmaceutical Microbiology. The program will be helpful to accelerate your career and will provide exposure to latest trends in pharmaceutical microbiology.
Duration of training : 30 days
Cost per person: contact for charges
Techniques Involved:
  • In-process microbiology
  • Bio-burden and Microbial Limit Test: RM and Finished goods.
  • Antimicrobial preservative efficacy test.
  • Identification of organisms
  • Sterility testing Direct Inoculation and Membrane Filtration.
  • Validation topics  and Biological Indicator Steam Sterilization Validation
  • Lectures on different Pharma industries -Microbiology topics.
  • Documentation and reporting
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