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I was lucky enough to get through the 2 rounds of interview and seek OdigosHUB free Summer internship.
I would like to Take a moment to Thank OdigosHub and NCML for Providing me with a wonderful opportunity to explore my field of interest. By Signing up For this Amazing internship program,  my vision for the future is now clearer and set. Along the way, I came across many new and fascinating things which really helped me focus and bring out the best in me.  This program has also made me realise how much potential my field of interest has. OdigosHub also provided me with a professional atmosphere
Working alongside Amazing and Skillful Teachers and Lab staff made my experience even more memorable and fun!
OdigosHUB intern- Poonam Shahani, 2nd year B.Tech Biotechnology
Trust me when I say that you need to learn something apart from college in a commercial industry.
My training at NFB started at a very clueless note like what will I do. I had no clue about fermentation. But odigosHUB made it sure to make it all easy and convenient and to be honest, for me there is nothing more amazing than fermentation. I like it so much that I opted for a research project with the help of odigosHUB on fermentation.
I was at a point where I actually needed a helping hand and this is where odigosHUB helped me. All these months have made me learn so much, right from cleaning your own Petri dishes to handle your own assembled fermenter and it just doesn't end there.
Right now, I am at the end of the project with a publication waiting. So yes it is true that, Giving an experience out of college that to in a proper setup laboratory with every equipment available and people to help at any moment, all these months were probably the best months of my life till date. I can't thank the team at NFB and odigosHUB enough for this.
OdigosHUB intern-  Shivangi Saxena , 3rd year B.Tech Biotechnology
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I am Bhavika Bhoir, I have currently completed my Post Graduation (M.Tech )in the field of Biotechnology from Amity University Mumbai. I have done my graduation in B.Tech Biotechnology from D.Y.Patil University.
After my post graduation when I was searching for an Internship/Job I got to know about OdigoHUB through an Instagram Post. One of my Junior Started  OdigosHUB so I sent him my Resume and he forwarded those to different companies. From the overall process, I got a call from NCML, Nerul for Internship. Here OdigosHUB helped in knowing about different companies and seeking new opportunities. In the starting days of my internship due to my good performance, I was been approved for Stipend from NCML.
NCML is one of the best Analysis Lab approved by  NABL.It has 3 departments Microbiology, Food, and Residue. NCML has many new instruments and advanced techniques which help me improve my knowledge. Kalpana Doke, who is head of Microbiology is very knowledgeable and a very good teacher. She helped me know how audits are carried out.
I thank OdigoHUB to help me start a new journey.
 Ayushi Sengupta and Isha Parekh sharing their OdigosHUB summer internship experience in the food analysis department

What can be more amazing than working and training in the very field you love!? The field I was extremely focused on since 1st year of college- Immunotechnology! Getting hands-on training in ELISA, WESTERN BLOT and SDS-PAGE was the best experience I got during my training. One day I saw a post on the Instagram page of OdigosHUB regarding an internship in Bangalore and it just clicked! That is what I wanted to pursue. I gave my interviews and then came the news that I had bagged this opportunity. The thing which I always used to think about and bug my senior and mentor Krishna about was to help me find an internship through which I can give a kick start to my career in immunotechnology. I wanted to start getting trained in the field I was always passionate about. Shreedhar bhatt lab (SBL) provided me with an excellent opportunity to get trained under them in the field of IMMUNOTECHNOLOGY and recombinant DNA technology and they also helped me gain experience and try hands on training in the field I used to dream about. A heartly thanks to our OdigosHUBwho understood my requirements and gave personal attention to my career and helped me focus more on my future aspect of research and studies! Thank you OdigosHUB hub for taking our responsibility of staying as well as lab work during our internship in Bangalore. You made it all possible and a real thank you to Krishna Kumar- Founder odigosHUB hub who stayed with us during the whole time and made sure that the internship went about smoothly. Thank you!❤

OdigosHUB summer interns- Darpan Bennur , 2nd Year B.Tech Biotechnology

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